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Thanks to my good friends
Helen Shields & Sandi Cleaveland
for the use of these photos.

Ron & Helen
Ronny Robbins & Helen Shields
You can visit Helen's Web Site HERE
Marty Group

Marty on stool Marty Pix
Marty Pix

This photo shows the fun Marty would have with his fans, Marty sat and waited whilst
Helen's son David [who was only about 8 years of age at the time] replaced
a flash globe in his camera.

News Story
A special thank you to my friend Colin Alderson from South Australia
for the this newspaper cutting. Colin is also a Marty Fan, and has been for
many, many years. Col's Marty album collection is in the seventies.

My thanks to
Sandi & Larry
for sending me these picture for all to enjoy.